2024 Martin Luther King Service

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, @usorelsenow and other local groups in and leaders helped make necessity bags for the homeless that included food dental supplies and hygienic items for those in need. 

Our Charitable Services

US OR ELSE provides a number of charitable services which include providing food, providing clothing, and providing toys for those in our community who need them most.  We have a track record of caring for our community in unique ways that will change the trajectory of Atlanta and surrounding areas for the better, for years to come.

Petitions For Justice   

From systemic oppression and injustice, to sub-standard living conditions and education for our children, to the malicious cycle of mass incarceration and the continuous genocide of our people at the hands of the descendants of colonizers, who fight to perpetuate this atrocity in the name of ‘law enforcement,’ we have suffered long enough.’’

Protect Black Art

Using rap lyrics that are made FOR ENTERTAINMENT should not be used to prosecute artists in criminal cases. It’s a sad day when prosecutors feel they need to use the lyrics of a song to prove criminal involvement instead of actual evidence!

Help Investigate Mikayla's Death

Any amount you can donate helps to take care of the costs that we have already incurred in this unthinkable situation.

End Human Rights Abuses at Cecil County Detention Center!

Please sign your name and say you stand in support and solidarity of human rights!

Justice for Harold and Anthony

They deserve good lawyers that are actually willing to fight for them! This needs more attention because if they can raise enough money for lawyers they’ll have a chance!

Justice for Brittany Williams

We need speedy justice on this matter. Something has to change in this department and it can start with this!!!

We Want Justice For Diamond Ford

In an effort to seek justice for Ms. Ford, please sign the petition expressing your concerns and desires for the State to drop all charges against Ms. Ford.

Lloyd's of London Petition

Thank you for all your support

Lloyd's of London   

On July 17, hip-hop artist and entrepreneur T.I. penned an open letter to insurance marketplace Lloyd’s of London. In the letter to the company, which played a role in the 18th and 19th century trans-Atlantic slave trade, he demanded reparations on behalf of the descendants of the millions of Africans forced into slavery from the global exchange.