Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, @usorelsenow and other local groups in and leaders helped make necessity bags for the homeless that included food dental supplies and hygienic items for those in need. In addition, we also participated in the church service with Dr. Kings daughter and participated in the march.

Thank you to all who supported. One nation will always rise. ✊🏽🙏🏽

Another Family Treated like Dexter Wade Family

Mario Moore's mother speaks out; says she had to buy back the rights of her son to be able to bury him properly.

Do your part and call the Hinds County, MS Sheriffs Office demand justice for these families and future families!

Happy Holidays to Everyone

As many of us celebrate, remember we are all part of our community and giving back is a gift to those who do the giving. 📷@itsjustlondon

Shaquille Zachery

Every year on May 12th, Shaquille’s family holds a vigil in honor of his life after he was fatally shot five and a half years ago while leaving a party.

This family says they still do not have answers and are desperately needing closure.

Miami-Dade Youth

African-American youths make up just 17 percent of the population in Miami-Dade; however, they represented 63 percent of arrests in 2022 in Miami-Dade.

Lets help these youths regain their opportunity in life. Call Mayor Daniella Levine Cava at (305) 375-5071 and demand that this issue be fixed.

The Ronald Greene Case

Always an honor to contribute to the community and inspire the next generation. Big thanks to @MagicJohnson and @atlantalife for the love and recognition this week to @tip and @usorelsenow.

Together, we rise! 🚀 #LegacyLab #AtlantaLifeIC #BuildingTomorrow #CommunityFirst #YouthEmpowerment #FinancialLiteracyMatters"

Melissa Gilliam

Meet Dr. Melissa Gilliam, she has made history as the first black woman to hold the role of president at Boston University.

This is a great moment for Boston University but also a great example to show people of color that they can achieve successes that traditionally have been held by white men.

The Ronald Greene Case

A Louisiana judge has allowed negligent homicide charges to be brought against the trooper that dragged Ronald while his ankles were shackled and forcing him to lie in the dirt. Call Farmerville’s Chief of Police at (318) 368-2226 and demand that ALL officers that night be held accountable. Write a caption...

Legacy Lab Youth Event

Always an honor to contribute to the community and inspire the next generation. Big thanks to @MagicJohnson and @atlantalife for the love and recognition this week to @tip and @usorelsenow.

Together, we rise! 🚀 #LegacyLab #AtlantaLifeIC #BuildingTomorrow #CommunityFirst #YouthEmpowerment #FinancialLiteracyMatters"

Meet Robiar Smith

Meet Robiar Smith from Southside Chicago. She is the CEO of R.B. Premium products which makes her the first and only black woman owned pest control product to be in home depot

Her company produces the popular bug spray called Bug Strike. It is available now in Home Depot, so we urge you all to buy black and support her business.

Bank Discrimination

A community bank in Rhode Island agreed to pay $9 million to resolve allegations that it engaged in lending discrimination by redlining majority-Black and Hispanic neighborhoods. Call the Department of Justice at (202) 514-2000 and demand that people impacted by bank discrimination be paid as well.

Gov. Gavin Newsom

Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed bill 673 into law in california which created an “ebony alert” system. This system prioritizes children of color that go missing which is his response to “white missing children getting more media coverage”

Does this further cause racial divides or is this the system that our children deserve? Comment below your thoughts.

Lewiston Maine Mass Shooting

At least 22 people are dead and dozens are injured following two mass shootings Wednesday night in Lewiston, Maine, officials say. An intensive manhunt is underway for a suspect, Robert Card, in the shootings.

If you have any information that can assist this suspect in getting captured please call (207) 753-2500

Today marks the 60th Announcement of the March on Washington on August 28, 1963. We won’t stand for the continued egregious attempts to ban Black history in states across the country! Our children deserve to live in a world where all of their histories are recognized. We will continue to unapologetically defend Black life, liberty, and humanity!

In 1973, The Bronx introduced the world to a new type of soundtrack for social justice. Created by diverse Black voices, hip-hop draws on the stories of the community that have been historically ignored by the mainstream. The genre shines a light on the joy, pain, creativity and ingenuity of the Black community.

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Content for this section is ideally only 3 lines, partners with a host of organizations for this year's 3-day harris Community Works Holiday Caravan

4 Black Harvard students were held at gunpoint by campus police after responding to a false 911 call even though it was clear the young students posed no threat once the officers made contact!

If these students were white would the police have held them at gunpoint?!

93 Year-Old Josephine Wright has been named in a "frivolous" lawsuit where developers in Hilton Head are trying to force her to sell her property to them. When she refused to give up her property, her tires were slashed and trash was thrown on her property!

Josephine should not lose her home!

No More Affirmative Action

The U.S. Supreme Court handed down a major ruling on Affirmative Action today, making it so colleges cannot consider race during the admission process. You can expect to see less diversity in traditionally white universities as well as the potential for decreased funding for HBCU’s who relied on the affirmative action bill.

Alabama Voting Rights

In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court is ordering Alabama to redraw their house district lines. Historically, the lines were drawn to put minority voters at a disadvantage. Now, not only will minority voters in Alabama see a more equitable map but hopefully other states with traditionally exclusive maps will follow suit.

Dexter Barry was neglected by the Duval County Jail which lead to his death! He told police upon his MISDEMEANOR arrest, that if he did not take his MEDICATION for his HEART TRANSPLANT, his heart would fail and he would die.

Call the Duval County District Attorney’s Office and demand charges be brought against this facility for his death.

Yoland Irving and Kenya Walton’s homes were violated by police when they executed a search warrant FOR THE WRONG HOUSES WHILE POINTING GUNS AT KIDS IN THE HOME

They have yet to make amends for the terror they caused on these two families, and something must be done. Call the East Raleigh police chief at 919-996-1262 and demand that the proper action be taken!

Verified Evan Lee’s family deserves answers! Texas Rangers told the family that he died from blunt force trauma to the head while in the custody of the Harris County Jail. Call the Harris County Sheriff’s Office at 713-221-6000 and demand that the family receive an autopsy or information on the circumstances of Evan Lee’s death.

Ajike Owens was murdered by her neighbor! While charges have been brought, we need you to call the Ocala district attorney’s office at 352-671-5800 and demand that FIRST DEGREE MURDER charges be brought, NOT manslaughter!

Susan deserves the highest penalty of punishment for this senseless crime!